The Gloves Are Off: Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Gloves

Today we’re joining the discussion on the much-talked-about fitness gloves. Some swear by them, some don’t, but most have no idea what the big deal is. Being in the business of fitness accessories and apparel, Progryp breaks down the benefits of fitness gloves for you.

Picture this: you’re at the gym getting about to hit that cold iron bar with your hands. What’s the first thing you do? Try reaching for gloves the next time you’re planning on lifting.


The first and obvious benefit is that gloves can help with grip. For those that are beginning their journey into the world of weightlifting, getting a grip on those bars can be tough, especially when you start sweating. Not having a proper grip can also be dangerous, particularly when you’re lifting heavier weights. They can also help increase grip when doing other exercises like chin-ups. If all this can be solved with a pair of gloves, count us in.


There are a lot of different kinds of gloves out there (taking a look at our product pages will confirm that.) For those requiring extra support for their wrists when lifting, there are different types of gloves that can provide that. Check out something like our Titanium Fitness Gloves with an added 2” Neoprene® wrist wrap. Trust us — the last thing you want to do when weightlifting is blow out your wrist, so adding that extra support while strengthening your wrists can definitely help.

Increase Reps

Gloves provide an extra layer between the bar and your hand, which does have its benefits. Some say gloves offer extra protection from calluses, and depending on how you’re lifting weights, and how much you’re lifting, this can be true. Especially when you start lifting, palms can get sore quickly, which can limit the amount of reps you do. Gloves are recommended at this stage to help you get the most out of your workout. In colder climates, gloves can also help you warm up the bar while the iron is still cold, without discomfort to your hands.

If you’ve decided gloves aren’t for you

Some people have decided that gloves just don’t work for them, but still want to seek the benefits that they provide. Accessories like wraps can provide some of the same benefits as gloves without all the added material getting between you and the bar. One of the things that most people turn to when trying to phase out gloves (but still require support for their wrists) are wraps such as our Deluxe Heavy Duty Wrist Supports or our Deluxe Redline Wrist Wraps. Both are great options and offer different kinds of support for those looking to protect their wrists while lifting.

If you’re looking for grip without the gloves, straps and hooks are a great alternative as well. Learn more about those on our next post.

If you’ve decided you want to give the gloves a go, check out our wide selection to find the pair that works best for you.

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