About Progryp Fitness

Founded in 2001, Progryp produces innovative, high-performance fitness gear. Progryp products can be found in gyms, health clubs, sporting goods and specialty fitness retailers worldwide.


Our History

Progryp Fitness- the company known as the “athletes choice” brand for high quality, innovative strength and conditioning gear – is celebrating its 15th year of category leadership by introducing new, performance-oriented products at the forefront of today’s top fitness trends.

Founded in 2001 by Mr. Sasha Sekretov, Progryp’s humble roots stem from an idea born in the personal quest for better fitness products. After realizing the need for an alternative to workout gloves, Sekretov created the patented Progryp hand grips. Starting in the basement of his parents home fresh out of school, Sekretov had the idea to offer his innovative ideas and quality products to the world. Now todays number one alternative to workout gloves and fastest growing product in the workout accessory category.

Progryp Fitness had it first break after meeting the late Robert Kennedy at MuscleMag International, who at the time (early 2003), had a number of hit fitness magazines and retail stores. “Bob’s humble roots were an inspiration behind the first line of weight training gear that we developed,” says Sekretov, President of Progryp Fitness. “We worked with Bob and the successful magazine line MuscleMag International to bring brand awareness among competitive bodybuilders and position Progryp as a force in the fitness market, Bob, was the first multi-store outfit to bring the full line of Progryp products to market.” Today, Progryp Fitness enjoys the FASTEST growing market share in fitness products, offering products for weightlifting, strength training, core, and sports conditioning.