General Care

Don’t keep your fitness accessories in your gym bag for long periods of time. The dark, moist environment can breed bacteria. Instead, wipe down equipment after every use and make sure to undo all Velcro. If possible, avoid wrapping straps and wraps tightly after a workout. When getting home from the gym, hang your equipment as loosely as possible to dry out. Once dry, it is best to store them in a cool environment with constant air circulation. It’s always a great idea to have a back-up pair of your favourite accessory available for use.

Washing Instructions

Make sure to clean accessories after every workout with antibacterial spray, disinfectant or wipes. If an item can be washed, such as wraps, make sure to always wash them in a closed mesh bag on gentle. Handwashing is always a great alternative too.

Odour Control

Sometimes you can’t get your equipment out of your gym bag right away, which isn’t ideal, but a reality some face. To try and keep odour to a minimum, make sure to wipe down your accessories with antibacterial wipes and then a towel after every use to eliminate moisture. Using dryer sheets inside of your gloves, or newspaper to help absorb moisture on other accessories, are great options as well. Never spray your accessories with air fresheners or body sprays to eliminate odour as this will decrease the lifespan of your product.